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Poetry from Hadara Bar-Nadav

From Lullaby (with Exit Sign)—forthcoming from Saturnalia Books, 2013 Split the Lark The lock. The dark. The eyes of a man who loved birds. Let’s step outside, try a Scarlet Experiment in the afternoon. At first you see nothing, a … Continue reading

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Black, golden, ashen, blue. Color in poetry, continued.

Death Fugue by Paul Celan translated by Jerome Rothenberg Black milk of morning we drink you at dusktime we drink you at noontime and dawntime we drink you at night we drink and drink we scoop out a grave in … Continue reading

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Sylvia Plath, Poppies In July.

Little poppies, little hell flames, Do you do no harm? You flicker. I cannot touch you. I put my hands among the flames. Nothing burns And it exhausts me to watch you Flickering like that, wrinkly and clear red, like … Continue reading

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Poetics of Collaboration: Part II

Much like the artists who channel and challenge art historical figures in the current Remasters exhibition at Plug Projects, poet Cedar Sigo, draws inspiration from and writes about poetry itself. I came across Sigo’s work at San Francisco’s famous City Lights … Continue reading

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