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William Eggleston and The Rise of Color Photography by Bryan Hiotttt.

Bryan Hiott discusses the work of William Eggleston (widely considered to be the father of the contemporary snapshot aesthetic a la Juergen Teller and Wolfgang Tillmans). You can download it as a pdf from Hyperion – an online publication devoted … Continue reading

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Photography and painting.

Ones in a while I run across the work of photographers who in some way or other reference painting (particularly in its traditional form) in their work. Contemporary photography has not been infiltrated by painting as much as painting by … Continue reading

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“Pillow Talk”: Natalie Popovich Schuh, Guest Blog Curator Entry #4

Pillow Talk Sexual pleasure is ephemeral, but pillow talk, that post-coital act of tenderness, is infinitely fulfilled by the presence of another body. By showcasing three dimensional and video works, Pillow Talk explores empathy through form, and the human being’s embodied response … Continue reading

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John Divola

Right now we are planning our next show and talking a lot about art history. Specifically, about art lineage, when contemporary artists allow the ideas of specific past artists to exert pressure on their work and thinking. I think that … Continue reading

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Repressed Americana.

Martin Mull’s paintings reference vintage black and white snapshots calling to mind the work of Gerhard Richter and Michael Borremans. The sense of anxiety the paintings carry is owed as much to their visual construction as to their voyeuristic subject … Continue reading

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To Say It Isn’t So

Photographer Laura Letinsky has long been investigating the domestic sphere. Her practice brings the mundane, discarded, and everyday into the studio for examination. Drawing upon centuries old Dutch-Flemish and Italian vanitas and natura morte traditions, Letinsky employs a contemporary meditation … Continue reading

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