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Grant Miller

In Grant Miller‘s work, layers of paint build upon architectural interiors into obsessively constructed abstract forms. Grant uses the interior spaces that be begins with as framework for the final painting, which reveals little of its skeletal underpinnings. There is … Continue reading

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Eve Aschheim & Agnes Martin

I first saw Eve Aschheim’s work on Joan Mitchell Foundation’s web site. Aschheim received the foundation’s grant in 2008. Immediately after seeing the images the work of Agnes Martin came to mind. Both artists’ delicate color, uncluttered space and fragile … Continue reading

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Leslie Vance

I first came across Leslie Vance’s paintings at the David Kordansky’s booth at Miami Basel in 2010. Vance’s work was also featured in the 2010 Whitney Biennial. The paintings have a huge presence and have endless depth but are actually quite … Continue reading

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We begin the Revisitors collection with Paul Cézanne and “A Modern Olympia.” Cézanne was compelled to tackle and “update” Édouard Manet’s Olympia (1863) for years. I find it quite interesting that such a short period of time had passed between … Continue reading

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Dubossarsky and Vinogradov

Dubossarsky and Vinogradov are a painter-duo. There is something interesting about approaching what traditionally has been a solitary contemplative practice as a full-time collaboration. Do you divide the tasks? Do you paint in the same time? Regardless, it seems like … Continue reading

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Jonah Criswell

Most of Jonah Criswell’s paintings and drawings are concerned with empty domestic interiors where the mood, color and light of the spaces depicted assume centrality. Physical interiors considered in this way become metaphors of internal states of mind- ambiguous and … Continue reading

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Justin & Christine Gignac – Wants/ Needs

  This is how it works. Justin and Christine Gignac paint pictures of the stuff they want.  This “stuff” could be anything from a wii game to buffalo wings to a shamwow. They then price the painting for exactly the amount … Continue reading

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“Hardly nothing to do without”

Carey Lin paints scenarios composed of everyday studio detritus, found Internet clippings, and vagrant residues from attended artist residencies- to name a few. Lin’s work evokes questions as to the nature of what a painting can be and what, however … Continue reading

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Blue McRight

At first glance Blue McRight’s small paintings on notebook paper appear innocent and even humorous. As I spent more time looking through the work, the “funny” began to be tinted by melancholy if not sinister thoughts. Abandoned or transitory housing, … Continue reading

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Repressed Americana.

Martin Mull’s paintings reference vintage black and white snapshots calling to mind the work of Gerhard Richter and Michael Borremans. The sense of anxiety the paintings carry is owed as much to their visual construction as to their voyeuristic subject … Continue reading

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