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Correlation of Space: Gehry Kohler and Vincent Como

I recently have became familiar with Kansas City based artist, Gehry Kohler. ┬áMore specifically, his process-based drawings. ┬áThe drawings, at first glance, resemble minimalist works of the 1960′s, but upon closer examination his detailed labor intensive process starts to show. … Continue reading

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Grant Miller

In Grant Miller‘s work, layers of paint build upon architectural interiors into obsessively constructed abstract forms. Grant uses the interior spaces that be begins with as framework for the final painting, which reveals little of its skeletal underpinnings. There is … Continue reading

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Kansas City Architecture Tour

A trip to the symphony last week at the Kaufman Center’s amazing new Performing Arts Building inspired me to search for a tour of Kansas City’s architectural highlights. I found this city guide on Arch Daily‘s website. They highlight 12 … Continue reading

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Jonah Criswell

Most of Jonah Criswell’s paintings and drawings are concerned with empty domestic interiors where the mood, color and light of the spaces depicted assume centrality. Physical interiors considered in this way become metaphors of internal states of mind- ambiguous and … Continue reading

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Single Family, Colonial – Kansas City

Inspired by Nicole’s amazing post a couple of weeks ago where she was looking at and analyzing the diversity among Kansas City’s modern house culture, I have decided to highlight another interesting Kansas City neighborhood, Janssen Place. The Janssen Place … Continue reading

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Yanda House & Cellophane Rain

Did you know Kansas City is peppered with unique and visionary modern domestic dwellings? One fortuitous night, we took the long way home. In the narrow, meandering lanes of the Roanoke/Valentine neighborhood of midtown Kansas City, we stumbled upon this … Continue reading

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Mark Cowardin

Kansas City artist Mark Cowardin’s sculptures speak to a disconnect between man and nature that is exaggerated as technology and invention increase the ability for humans to exist in an increasingly solitary fashion. In addition to self-fabricated elements, Mark uses … Continue reading

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Curatorial Day 3

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Curatorial Planning Day 2


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