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Parent vs Primary and Directional Color Systems

  Illustrations from Patricia Sloane’s Color: Basic Principles and New Directions (1969 )

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Quotes on Color Part I

I have research a handful of quotes by famous figures addressing their views on color.  These quotes include similar and contrasting views, many which are shared by our artists in Dramatic Chromatic. “Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with … Continue reading

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Spectral Landscape (with Viewing Stations)

Plug has its finger on the pulse of current art practices! Here is a feature on Gallery 400 whose current exhibition has similar interests as Plug’s current Dramatic Chromatic: Spectral Landscape (with Viewing Stations) is co-curated by artists Pamela Fraser and … Continue reading

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Paul Heaston, Urban Sketcher

After returning to Texas following graduate school, Paul embarked on increasing the scale and complexity to these works.  In the conversation about architecture, Paul’s panoramic drawings of San Antonio are astonishing examples of his ability to record urban environments and … Continue reading

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Synthesis Structures

Michelle Dean’s wooden form demonstrates her investigation of planar shifts to contrast the smooth surfaces of Alexis Taylor-Butler’s organic clay base.    The spring semester has ended in the Kansas City Art Institute Foundations program, so I wanted to use … Continue reading

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This past April (while on a road trip from NJ to KC), I had the opportunity to visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s domestic commission, Fallingwater, nestled in the woods of Pennsylvania just outside Pittsburg. What is immediately clear upon approach is that Lloyd knows … Continue reading

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Walking the West Bottoms

Something draws us to the West Bottoms. People come here to commemorate important life events, weddings and graduations. They use its tall brick walls as a backdrop. Maybe they want something solid and unchanging to frame a fleeting moment. Maybe … Continue reading

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Reinhard Krug’s Floating Islands

Reinhard Krug has chosen to focus on some of the world’s largest cities, isolating them to islands of their own. Images courtesy of the artist, Reinhart Krug

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