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MULTI-CHANNEL_LINK 02 (Between The Folds)


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MULTI-CHANNEL_LINK 01 (Mark Lombardi: Global Networks)

Mark Lombardi. In my opinion, an extremely underrated artist.  Not only are the works visually stunning and eloquently composed, but the research involved is mind blowing.  I was first introduced to Mark Lombardi’s work in graduate school and immediately responded to what … Continue reading

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As a young artist I was obsessed with Picasso, especially the way he drew figures. His later works in particular are filled with a crude energy conveyed through his loose but confident handling. I was consumed in particular by the … Continue reading

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Sometimes engaging the work of a predecessor is less homage than an act of antagonism. Goya is Jake & Dinos Chapman’s main source of inspiration as well as source material and subject of ridicule. You have the precedent of Robert … Continue reading

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Photography and painting.

Ones in a while I run across the work of photographers who in some way or other reference painting (particularly in its traditional form) in their work. Contemporary photography has not been infiltrated by painting as much as painting by … Continue reading

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The Mechanical Bride

In his series, “American Bigfoot is MonkeySuit”, Brandon Juhasz builds a body of photographs inspired by the book published in 1951 by Marshall McLuhan titled “The Mechanical Bride:Folklore of Industrial Man”. McLuhan derived the title for his book from a … Continue reading

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Sreshta Rit Premnath

Going along with the Plug exhibition “Remasters,” I submit artist, Sreshta Rit Premnath, for your consideration. Premnath works conceptually and semi-narratively through the modality of multiple mediums, favoring whatever form or vessel best fits the idea. “Minimalism, Pop, and Conceptual … Continue reading

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