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Red Time

Betye Saar Red Time Roberts & Tilton September 10 – December 17, 2011   Seminal L.A. artist Betye Saar’s site-specific installation at Roberts & Tilton is a blend of objects that are found, created, borrowed and recycled. The installation, which … Continue reading

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No Longer Empty

No Longer Empty is a NonProfit Organization in New York that uses vacant donated spaces as host for elaborate site-specific installation and performance works.”The Sixth Burough” was a series of installations in abandoned houses on Governor’s Island in the summer … Continue reading

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Big Moods

The work of Ryan Mendoza has captivated me since I was an undergraduate.  I was struck by his ability to combine seemingly disparate images with tactile, immediate depictions. Originally born in NYC, Mendoza’s interest in  literature led him on travels … Continue reading

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“Hardly nothing to do without”

Carey Lin paints scenarios composed of everyday studio detritus, found Internet clippings, and vagrant residues from attended artist residencies- to name a few. Lin’s work evokes questions as to the nature of what a painting can be and what, however … Continue reading

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Single Family, Colonial – Kansas City

Inspired by Nicole’s amazing post a couple of weeks ago where she was looking at and analyzing the diversity among Kansas City’s modern house culture, I have decided to highlight another interesting Kansas City neighborhood, Janssen Place. The Janssen Place … Continue reading

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Domestic Bliss; the work of Betsy Timmer

In the not so distant past, women would spend their days knitting, cleaning, sewing, baking…making, yes…but mostly making for the home.  Betsy Timmer‘s work is very aware of its connection to this feminine history – neither as a victim of … Continue reading

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John Divola

Right now we are planning our next show and talking a lot about art history. Specifically, about art lineage, when contemporary artists allow the ideas of specific past artists to exert pressure on their work and thinking. I think that … Continue reading

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Stuffed Peppers

What is more homey than a cozy, comforting meal?  After a long day of teaching, my girlfriend surprised me with this recipe which is easy to make and outstanding.  Fresh corn and/or green beans are a great side with some … Continue reading

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Blue McRight

At first glance Blue McRight’s small paintings on notebook paper appear innocent and even humorous. As I spent more time looking through the work, the “funny” began to be tinted by melancholy if not sinister thoughts. Abandoned or transitory housing, … Continue reading

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Studio Visit with Tom Gregg

Tom’s work is painted from direct observation and seems to have a strong awareness of Modernist color fields that always support the objects he is painting.  He is interested in the dialogue that is created by the interaction of these … Continue reading

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